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  • Home Value Map
    This snapshot of recent sales will help in any pricing discussion to communicate where properties of similar square footage are closing now. If you have a rough idea of a ballpark $/sqft, use that filter to narrow your comps and you will see a clear line showing expected pricing at each size. Example: You are meeting with a client looking to list their 2 bedroom, 1000sqft condo that has recently been renovated. The snapshot below might be used to guide their expectations toward the $850,000 range. If an adjustment is needed based on i.e. a waterfront view, navigate to "Compare/Adjust" to calculate that dollar amount.
  • Comps
    This tool allows you to quickly filter down and crunch recent sales in one compact dashboard. . Features: sales totals displayed over each month range of $/sqft values displayed to more easily visualize low-mid-highs for area averages calculated for selected comp set (hold command to select) heatmapped columns to more easily spot outliers If supporting data is needed for adjustments, quickly run that calculation by linking into Compare/Adjust dashboard.
  • Compare/Adjust
    The Compare/Adjust tool can be used to compare 2 groups of properties based on location, features, size, or condition. This would most commonly be used in when determining a pricing adjustment. Example: All of the closest recent comps for your seller's 2 bedroom/1 bath condo have 2 full bathrooms. Therefore, we are looking to determine exactly how much that additional bathroom effects price. By looking across the broader zip code, we can see that, with similar sizes of 1100 sqft, condos with only 1 full bath average roughly $60/sqft lower (or $53,000 sales price) in property value.
  • Price Trend
    The Price Trend dashboard provides a quick snapshot on how the cost of real estate has changed recently in your target area. Rather than using median sale price, which could skew up if several higher priced sales occur, $/sqft provides a nice, even picture of the true cost of real estate averaged across an area. Example: You haven't sold a property in a particular zip code in over a year. You notice in DealPortal that the average $/sqft for condo sales has increased around 25% this spring vs. last. Although you will still pull your current comps, this insight helps validate your gut that coming in with a more aggressive listing price is indeed justified.
  • Appreciation
    The Appreciation dashboard provides an assessment of how much a particular property has appreciated by aggregating how sales for similar properties have changed over time. Although, current value can only be determined by evaluating a property in its current condition, this calculation can give a general figure on changes in that property's market. Example: A seller is interested in potentially selling but curious as to how much the home has increased in value since 2007. By filtering to homes of a similar size/profile, this infographic can kick off that conversation with hard numbers and make for a strong first impression.



What is GreenLight?

GreenLight is a data platform that visualizes your local real estate market.

Why might I use this platform?

The tools make it easier to quickly grab the data you need for your transaction and communicate it in a simple, visual way for your client.

What are the tools?

DealPortal- 20+ dashboards answering each deal's most common data questions.  stats + property-level drill down

Market Reports- realtime market reports at MSA & county-level data

BrokerPortal (available as an upgrade in select markets)-  production and market share portal exploring the players in your real estate market

How can agents & appraisers use GreenLight tools?

  • Listing presentions 

  • Data for negotiating

  • Valuation of a property

  • Setting expectations with clients

  • Validating a gut feeling with supporting data

  • General market knowledge

  • Printed reports for open houses

  • Snapshots for social media posts

  • Snapshots to reconnect with prospects

  • Market Reports 

  • Research and reporting on office & agent production(BrokerPortal)

  • Recruiting and growing your business(BrokerPortal)

The Data

Where does the data come from?

All data is streamed directly from your local MLS.  

What does GreenLight do with the data?

In short, we clean up the data, run a number of calculations on it,  look for interesting patterns/trends, and then determine how to display it in a way that makes it easy for you to explain what's going on and how you might take action on it.

How often is the data updated?

Typically, new listings, sales, or pending transactions are updated daily into the system.  However, on occasion it may take a few days for some data to trickle in so any reporting for total activity for the previous month would be most complete on the 4th or 5th day of the month.

What if GreenLight's data totals do not match those I see from other sources?


On certain dashboards,  GreenLight applies filters to the incoming data to remove outliers (i.e. a sale showing closed at 60% over asking price).  Although some data will be eliminated from the system, these filters help to create more coherent infographics and better insights into trends within the greater market.

Why are some field titles different?  

As some standard field titles can be quite technical,  GreenLight has simplified the terminology on certain field names to better explain exactly what they are.

What if I have a question about a specific calculation or piece of data?

Any specific questions can be directed through your normal MLS support channels.  Also, feel free to send a message to GreenLight here in the support center as we will posting most answers into the FAQ section for future reference.

Using the Portal


Can I use the data in my own marketing or reports?



How can I export the data?

If you right click on the background of any dashboard,  an option to print all or several dashboards will appear.  Each dashboards is numbered to make custom reports easier to assemble.

A simple screen grab is easiest if you would like to clip particular element from the dashboard.  This can done on Mac (Command + Shift+4)  or PC (Windows + Shift +S)

Can the portal be used on a mobile device?

The dashboards are not currently optimized to run searches on mobile. 

However,  both market reports and dashboards are sized for a perfect fit to be read and viewed on your device.

Simply drag/paste the content into email or your messaging app to send by text. 






Can I resize the portal for easier viewing on my screen?

Yes,  By adjusting the zoom settings on your browser you may enlarge or shrink the sizing of the portal for better presentation.

Does GreenLight work on all browsers?

The portals should function as intended on all of the most popular, newer browsers.  Chrome, Safari, etc.  If there is an instance where something appears to be not fitting/functioning correctly check to make sure you have the latest update completed.  When Chrome or Safari is also available,  it is recommended to use those as your primary browser when accessing the system.  

What if the portal seems to be loading slowly?

As some queries are running large amounts of data,  we have noticed that minimizing the number of windows you have open or simply restarting your browser can speed up certain dashboards significantly.

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 12.50.31 PM.png
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To submit data suggestions, product bugs, or logos (subscribers on individual plans only),  feel free to reach out to our team here:

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