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RETS to API Conversions

Build For The Future.

With No Strings Attached.

API Comparison

It's no surprise that the MLS industry's transition away from the RETS protocol in is fully underway.

Adoption of a RESO-certified Web API has now exceeded over 40% of US MLSs (per RESO) and will, likely, be a mission-critical requirement in the years ahead.

  • Normalized field names to RESO standards

  • Faster/easier integration to vendors

  • A REST API is universal.  Will not require a learning curve for IT staff unfamiliar with RETS.

  • RETS is becoming antiquated, support for these systems is becoming limited.

  • Faster, more granular filtering capabilities and feature layers like geo-spatial search, webhooks, statistics, clustering, etc.

  • Better data security for MLSs

  • Lower hosting cost

Simply put:  you want more freedom and flexibility

If this is important to your MLS, it might benefit you to consider a RESO Web API that is independent of your current MLS system provider.

GreenLight delivers in-house API solutions with minimal development costs and easy implementation.   

Contact our data team here.

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