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Real-Time Market Knowledge.

Delivered Smarter.

GreenLight delivers data in the way we think about our real estate business:

Advance the current deal, attract the next deal, and strategize how to grow our business for more market share.

Data-Driven Answers

 Move Deals Forward.


DealPortal is GreenLight's flagship platform.  As a collection of easy-to-use, presentation-ready tools, DealPortal was created to quickly sift through mounds of data and serve up laser-sharp answers to the most challenging questions that arise serving each client.  Export your property's DealBook in minutes.

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MarketPortal calculates, interprets, and serves up hundreds of unique, local insights giving you a constant stream of higher-level market knowledge. 


Whether alerting those in your sphere to windows of opportunity or showcasing your insider knowledge on social media,  MarketPortal keeps you at the center of the real estate conversation.

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Know More.

Win More Clients.

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BrokerPortal visualizes market share and agent profile data like never before.  Slice, dice, plot, and compare for complete picture of who's who in your real estate market,

Brokerage leaders looking for recruitment or performance reporting tools will find this platform incredibly useful.  For agents looking to grow their business, BrokerPortal easily identifies untapped pockets of real estate where farming efforts are statistically more likely to succeed.

Understand the Players.

Grow Your Business.

GreenLight not available in your MLS?  Team/office access available in select markets.

 Reach out today.

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